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Travelling for business doesn’t have to be all bad news

Travelling for business can be exhausting. Aside from travelling itself, you’re rushed between meetings, presentations, executive dinners, and you’ve got a whole lot of schmoozing to do. This can quickly become taxing, and if you’re travelling on business for an extended amount of time, for a month or two perhaps, you’ll soon begin to feel everything catching up to you, especially if you’re in a large city such as Chicago. With around 2.7 million residents and over 52 million people visiting each year, the hustle and bustle of your trip could become too much. Want to take it easy? No problem! Renting a furnished apartment in Chicago is the perfect way of unwinding, and here’s why.

It’s easier to relax

Travelling for business is hardly a relaxation trip and we know you’re pumped for this journey, but everyone needs to wind down at the end of the day. However, trying to do that in a dingy hotel can be difficult. While hotels have services and perks included that might appeal to you, a furnished apartment will seem more like home, meaning it’s the perfect choice for someone travelling for an extended amount of time for business.

Not only that, you have the chance to turn your apartment into something a little more homely. Perhaps buy your own bedding, pop some pictures of your loved ones around and anything that helps make your trip that little bit more comfortable. If you’ve got friends in Chicago, why not invite them over for some wine so that you’re not completely secluded from your normal life? Many apartments in Chicago also allow you to bring along your furry friend, so you don’t have to worry about finding someone to take care of them while you’re on business! Imagine curling up after a long day in your furnished apartment with your dog and winding down ready for another big day in the business world. Having your furry friend with you can also help reduce stress and anxiety, so you’re more likely to achieve what you set out to do!

Flexible renting options

We’re pretty sure we know what you’re thinking – “isn’t renting an apartment more hassle than it’s worth, especially with documents to sign and contracts to uphold?”. Not necessarily! Sure, renting an apartment normally does require these things, however, with companies like Blueground you get completely flexible renting options! So, if you need an apartment for 2 months you’ll get an apartment for 2 months! Not only that, but you can always extend your stay should you decide to stay in Chicago that little bit longer.

There’s plenty of perks included

Not only are furnished apartments a much more luxurious way of travelling, but you can also look forward to many perks and services included in the price such as:

  • A doorman to greet your guests and make sure nobody unauthorised can enter the building.
  • A gym to keep up your fitness regime while you’re on business
  • An elevator for those days where walking up many flights of stairs seems impossible
  • Cleaning services to eliminate the need for housework when you’re busy concentrating on work
  • Swimming pools for those times where you need some leisure with a calming effect
  • Ideally located building blocks so anything you could ever need is just a small journey away. No need to travel miles for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread!
  • 1&2 bedroom apartments available, meaning if you’ve got children or a business partner to travel with, you can accommodate everyone in one space.
  • If you have a last minute extension of your business trip, you can extend the length of your stay with ease.

You can entertain

Perhaps you’ve got some clients you want to land, or investors you’re trying to impress? Invite them back to your apartment and wow them with a night of fine food, wine, and entertainment. All you need to do now is make sure you’re cooking skills are up to scratch! Being away on business doesn’t mean that your social life has to go out of the window!

As you can see, travelling for business doesn’t have to be all bad news. With a furnished apartment, you can still maintain downtime so that you can relax, unwind, and not have to worry about the business for a short time.