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The Relationship Between HR and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been a hot topic of late in terms of businesses, helping to improve productivity, increase worker engagement and saving time by automating tasks. In terms of HR, cloud computing has been an enormous time saver that has provided many benefits not just to HR departments but organisations as a whole. When it comes to bridging the gap between senior management and staff, cloud computing has done wonders for eliminating the communication gap and making data analysis easier. Cloud computing has paved the way for cloud HR software to exist, which continues to provide benefit to all businesses who make the intelligent decision to invest in it. Here are some of the ways that these technological advances and HR have come together in recent years.

Central Information 

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing in HR has been the centralisation of information and data. This means efficient storage, easier and quicker retrieval and greater organisation. HR is a notoriously administration-heavy department and having this information in one central, easy-to-access location has streamlined businesses in a host of industries.

Simplified Recruitment Processes 

Recruitment is a complex task that takes up a lot of HRs time, from advertising positions to scanning CVs for skillsets and experience, inviting candidates to interviews, and conducting those interviews to find the right person. But cloud computing has streamlined this entire process to make it easier for management to view applicant data, provide feedback and shortlist candidates at the click of a button.

Greater Employee Wellbeing 

Employee satisfaction and happiness is a major role of HR teams. But rather than waiting for annual reviews to assess performance and find out how staff are doing, cloud-based technology fills in the communication gap and makes continual assessment much easier. Cloud computing also makes it easier for individuals to be more autonomous at work and improves employee engagement.

Reduced Paperwork 

HR departments can have a lot of paperwork to contend with but embracing cloud technology has massively reduced this for HR teams in a number of companies. With cloud computing, all information can be stored digitally, retrieved at any time from any location, and also makes data more secure thanks to passwords and encrypted files. There’s no more need for filing cabinets taking up space in offices or the risk of data breaches from files ending up in the wrong hands. Now, companies are better protected and can ensure that only those who need access can have it.

A Levelled Playing Field 

Cloud computing has increased efficiency, not just for HR teams but all areas of businesses. HR departments aren’t solely responsible for managing people but also in making sure that businesses stay compliant with regulations and consistent in their operations. The adoption of this technology makes carrying out important tasks and research much easier. But also helps when it comes to the challenging task of interpreting the needs of branches elsewhere around the globe or implementing changes on a business-wide scale. With technology such as cloud computing, HR professionals can make decisions and changes swiftly and across the entire organisation rather than needing to liaise with other branches or staff members for greater efficiency and accuracy.