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The Big Benefits of Fibre Optic Broadband

Broadband has come a long way since it was first introduced back in 2000. Initially offering speeds of just 512Kbps, broadband internet has evolved rapidly over the past 19 years, while the advent of fibre-optic connections has changed the online game forever. Now capable of providing speeds of more than 300Mbps, fibre broadband has become an integral part of the growing digital world.

Of course, this makes it all the more surprising that standard ADSL connections are still the most popular form of home broadband in the UK. Despite offering significantly lower broadband speeds, the majority of homes are still making use of these older copper-wire connections, with the available speeds being largely dependent on their distance from the nearest telephone exchange.

Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with these fast connections (since they can still reach over 46Mbps), the benefits of upgrading to a super-fast fibre optic setup are just too great to ignore.

Enjoy a Reliable Connection

Since broadband signals transmitted through copper wires will deteriorate over long distances, ADSL connections can be a little unreliable at times—especially if you live far away from the telephone exchange. In comparison, most fibre optic connections involve fibre cables running from the exchange to a nearby street cabinet, with the copper wires then used to connect the cabinet to your home.

Although speeds can still depend on your home’s distance from the cabinet, the use of fibre cables ensures these fluctuations are kept to a minimum. Providing more consistent coverage and less prone to downtime, fibre broadband offers a much more reliable connection which allows you to complete your online tasks without interruption.

If you want a truly smooth and seamless service, however, then you may want to consider an ultra-fast FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises) connection, which will involve linking the exchange to your home directly through fibre cables. When no copper wires are involved at all, your connection should remain completely free of any annoying interference.

Browse On Multiple Devices

We use broadband for just about everything these days. Whether we’re streaming a film on Netflix, playing an online video game or checking our social media profiles, many of us will regularly connect to the internet on multiple devices at a time. Our smartphones, televisions and voice-activated assistants are almost constantly using up bandwidth, while even some of our home appliances can connect to the internet nowadays.

Of course, when your bandwidth becomes completely congested, loading times will inevitably slow down and you’ll soon be left staring at that incessant buffering wheel. Fortunately, the high speeds of fibre broadband ensure you can keep browsing across all your favourite devices, providing an ideal connection for large families likely to be using the web at the same time.

Instead of having to create some sort of internet schedule, fibre broadband allows everyone to stream, play and browse without interruption.

Experience Seamless Video Streams

Following advancements in modern broadband, the way we consume entertainment has undoubtedly been changed forever. The days of DVDs, CDs and VCR recorders are now well and truly behind us, as instead we’re given access to an enormous range of video streaming and TV catchup services.

The likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV have become hugely popular in recent times; each platform boasting millions of monthly active users and making it easier than ever for us to keep up with our favourite shows. By installing a fibre-optic connection, you can make sure your video streams are always crystal clear, while you’ll also be able to stream smoothly in HD and 4K—so long as your chosen streaming service offers this kind of definition.

Although standard ADSL broadband is more than capable of streaming an episode of Breaking Bad, these connections are often prone to interference and inconsistency, while trying to stream something in high-resolution can quickly turn into a fool’s game. Fibre-optic broadband provides a much more reliable streaming experience, while also significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to download all forms of digital content.

With fibre broadband installed, you can do more of what you love in less time. Without it, you won’t be able to maximise the internet’s true potential.