Strengthen Your Applications

New developments and advancements in the online world have allowed the production of mobile apps to skyrocket. Developers are constantly churning out new apps that assist in making our lives easier and placing the world we encompass into the palm of our hands. However, with the market for apps increasing, the demand and speed at which they are required to be churned out increases as well. 

This places application developers in a tricky spot – meet the demands of the market but sacrifice the product, or focus on the perfection of the app but miss the time frame required? Most developers will opt to speed run the development process of the app and fix any bugs with patches and post-production alterations, skipping the testing process all together. 

Mobile app performance testing has become the secondary process in the mobile app market yet it’s one of the most important aspects of developing an app. Without a proper testing process, app creators are unable to know what works and what doesn’t. This leaves plenty of space for crucial errors and time-sensitive bug-fixes to plague the launch of the new app. Many customers won’t return if your app doesn’t work well on launch.

What is mobile app testing?

In the simplest of terms, mobile app testing is the process of seeing if your app works as it is intended to. This can take on a multitude of forms – performance aspects, connectivity issues, security breaches, etc. Simply testing to see if the HTML of the app is pleasing is not enough, especially in the world of identity theft and security issues. 

Many developers will see that the basics work as they should and release the app as the final product to market. This leaves crucial background aspects unchecked and open to errors. The most crucial of features often lie in the background below the surface – security and connection are two of the most commonly ignored when testing occurs. 

Making sure your users are safe and their identity is secure while using the app should be high on your priority list. When analyzing the strength of your app, make sure to test it against breaches and security issues. When it comes to connection, if your app doesn’t function without a strong internet connection, many customers will be turned away and often never attempt to use your app again.

Who will benefit from testing?

Both you and the customer will benefit from this testing – you will have less work to do in the future with patches and can fix errors as they come rather than in bulk. Your customers will receive a fully tested and market-ready product and will face a little issues when using the app. The more you test, the more issues you will find and be able to address before launch.

Keep in mind, you won’t get everything. There will be cases and scenarios that no matter how much you test the app, bugs will appear. No app has ever been completely free from issues and required no more attention from the developers after the initial launch. Be prepared to continue patching and testing your patches before updating the application.

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