Spring cleaning tips for the workplace

With spring upon us, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning. Taking the time out of your day to clean isn’t most people’s idea of fun, but with some simple steps, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a dull task. In fact, a good spring clean can play an important role in your physical and mental health. Having a clean and tidy workplace is important for your productivity levels and can also increase morale. Dedicate some time to spring cleaning your workplace with these simple steps.

Prioritise your tasks

Before you start any cleaning, work out what tasks need doing and make a checklist. It’s best to have a plan of where you need to start and then work your way through each task, prioritising the most important of the cleaning jobs that will take the longest.

Set some time aside

Having a spring clean means dedicating more time than you usually would, so schedule it in accordingly. Remember that some tasks will take longer than others, so ensuring you have enough time to complete them all is important. If spreading the cleaning tasks over several days works best for you, then schedule it this way.

Call in the professionals

If your workplace is an office block or shopping centre, then it may be worth considering calling in the professionals. Places such as Real Cleaning offer a range of commercial and industrial cleaning.

Digital cleanse

Cleaning your workspace is refreshing as it gives you a clearer mind and this should extend to your digital life too. Things such as desktops, inboxes and old documents can be tidied up during your spring clean to ensure that organisation is prominent in all aspects of your life.

Keep it tidy

Once the cleaning is done it’s easy to go back to old habits of a messy and unorganised workspace. Try to keep your workplace clean and tidy so the next time you have to do a big clean it won’t take as long.

Remember that having a clean, tidy workplace is good for overall productivity of all employees. If you have your own workplace spring cleaning tips that you would like to share, join in the conversation using the hashtag #OfficeSpringClean.

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