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Simple Search Engine Optimization Wins in 2019

Sometimes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may seem to be a complicated subject. Whenever SEO is being searched on Google, more than four hundred (400) million results are being returned. This number of results is not what a person can finish reading throughout his entire life. In most cases, many of the information being gotten from Google are already outdated, or they can no longer help a beginner who is trying to learn about the basics of SEO, writes Mark Johnston, SEO Specialist at Puffin Marketing.

In this very article, we will be talking about the simple basics or SEO wins for 2019. These tips which we will mention can help you grow your visibility and gain a very high rank in Google.

Here are the five topics which we will be discussing in this article:

  1. Research and use relevant keywords
  2. Optimize Meta Titles and Descriptions
  3. Optimize Page Content
  4. Optimize Your business around the Web
  5. Build Relevant Links

Let us talk about these five Search Engine Optimisation wins one after the other

Research and Use Relevant Keywords

A keyword is one of the most important aspects of a successful Search Engine Optimization. What does your target audience search for whenever they make use of search engines? Combining the services being provided and the location is often the best for a business of small scale, for example, a carpenter in Liverpool, a tailor in London, etc.

We have many methods of tools that can be used in ensuring the perfect selection of relevant keywords.

Brainstorm– here we can highlight all the relevant information which includes our company, what kind of service we offer, and where the company is being located. With this information being written down, you can easily make the combination of your services and the location, and you can come out with relevant keywords.

The use of research tool for keywords– there are many available tools that can be used to search out keywords and arrive at new relevant ones. Adwords Pay per Click service has been provided by Google. Some other effective tools are keywordtool.io and ubersuggest.

Search your keywords – searching for your keywords will help you see a variety of suggested keywords under the page while you type. You can add up any of the suggested keywords to the list which you have made, then search again.

1stTip: make yourself familiar with the keywords which your potential customers often make use of whenever they are using search engines to look for companies and services being rendered.

Optimize Meta Titles and Descriptions

After you have listed out your keywords, you will plan the optimization of your Meta title. This Meta title does not usually appear on your page. This keywordtool.io can be edited in the control panel of your website.

Our aim is to have our keywords appear naturally in the page title. We should have it at the back of our mind that it is the titles of the page that often appear in the results of each search.

What I generally prefer doing is to add where and what in my keywords. Where the service is being rendered serves as the where, while the ‘what’ serves as the keywords. Your keywords ought to appear as the first part of the page title in order to improve your ranking. For example:

Carpenter in Liverpool – Sam’s Carpentry Service

 Emergency Carpenter – 24/7 service | Sam’s Carpentry Service

If you take a close look at the second example, you will notice that I included “24/7 service” which will increase the probability of an individual clicking my listing.

Note that a listing of the search engine is a kind of advertisement. Thus, our page titles should be optimized. But be careful not to optimize your page titles too much and fill them with keywords – e.g.:

Carpenter | Carpentry | Carpenter

Company | Emergency Carpenter Company

The titles of your page can be filled with keywords, but not over-optimized.

Another component which needs to be put into consideration is the Meta description. Our Meta description can be edited in the control panel of our website.

Your Meta description often serves as what describes your page content. Your page titles should be able to drag the attention of people, while your Meta description is able to convince individuals to click.

2ndTip: in order to improve your rankings and get more traffic, you should optimize Meta titles and descriptions.

Optimize Page Content

After we have done well to optimize our Meta titles and descriptions, we also need to optimize the content of our page for maximum Search Engine Optimization. The first tip which we mentioned (Research of keywords) must have made available for us a list of suggested keywords that are relevant. Now we want to naturally weave the suggested keywords into our own list.

A page always consists of H1, H2, etc. which are known as Header Tags, it also a body with content (the text written on the body of a page), and also images. These elements need to be optimized.

3rdTip: the header tags, texts, and images have to be optimized in order to improve your ranking and visibility.

Optimize Your Business Around the Web

The success of your website is being determined by the effort which you have put in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Businesses can also be listed on social media and other forms of directories such as Yell.com.

All your business listings should be updated with the services you offer and also the location where your services are being rendered.

Through social media, you can also do the same thing even though you may not be able to comprehensively update your services and locations.

Always ensure that the service which you provide is being described clearly. You can also choose to include a call to action on your page.

4thTip: optimize and update your social media profiles and your businesses around the web with the services you render and the location where they are being rendered.

Build Relevant Links

Building a relevant link is very important when it comes to improving your visibility when there are many keywords competing with yours. Building links can affect your visibility, both in a positive and negative way.

But building a perfect link for your site will certainly improve your visibility. Search engines such as Google needs the links in order to determine how relatively important you are.

Whenever you get confused, you can heed the advice which Google has given i.e., ensure that your link is being linked to other sites.

In summation, you can improve your ranking and visibility by building relevant links which will serve as votes for you.

5thTip: build strong and relevant links together with your website and your page content.


These five tips we just mentioned can help beginners their ranking and visibility on search engines. Follow these tips and experience sure success in getting more traffic and reaching your target audience.