Should I Offer Gift Cards and Certificates at My Small Business?

Neiman Marcus was the first company to sell gift cards, but they didn’t display them or even advertise them.

In 1994, Blockbuster began selling and advertising gift cards. This choice was made mostly because their certificates were being repeatedly counterfeited. In 2001, Starbucks introduced gift cards that could be used more than once. The rest is history, and now you can purchase a gift card almost anywhere.

Even though gift cards and certificates are just pieces of plastic and paper, they can be excellent gifts to give. When you buy a gift for someone, you want it to mean something, but you also want them to be able to use it.

Is it worth it for you to offer them to your customers? Keep reading to find out why the answer is yes!

They’ll Increase Your Brand Awareness

Increasing your brand awareness is one of the many benefits of gift cards. Gift cards for small businesses are essentially free advertising.

Many people will buy gift cards from a business or restaurant that THEY love, because they want other people to love it as well. Your mom might have told you 20 times how good a restaurant is, but that’s something you can decide risk-free for yourself with a gift card. At least a good chunk of your meal is already paid for so you’ve got nothing to lose.

You win because you’re trying something new, whoever gave you the card wins because they’ve gotten to share something they love with you, and the business wins because they just got another customer.

They Can Help Build Customer Loyalty

Offering gift certificates and cards can be a great way for customers to support your business even more, by paying you to share the experience or product with their friends.

In addition, gift cards with loyalty programs are another excellent way to keep your customers coming back again and again.

You’ll Boost Your Sales, Especially Around the Holidays

Gift cards are becoming increasingly popular. They’re also especially popular during the holidays when shoppers have long lists of loved ones to buy presents for. Your small business could be a one-stop shop for someone who loves what you do and wants to share it with all of the people they’re buying gifts for.

Many gift cards are used over a few different shopping trips. For those customers who use their card over a few visits, you’ll have multiple opportunities to up-sell them and win them over.

They Reduce Fraud

The amount of fraudulent activity can be reduced by gift cards. This is because they don’t require storing cardholders information. If you decide to go the certificate route, make sure that they stand out from the rest. It’s easy to find templates, like these gift certificate templates from Adobe Spark.

Gift Cards and Certificates Will Inevitably Help Your Business

Making a choice to offer gift cards and certificates at your small business is an excellent way to increase your sales, build your customer base, and increase brand awareness.

They can also reduce fraud and are a smart way to introduce a loyalty program.

Plus they cost next to nothing to make and implement. So don’t wait! Start growing your business today by investing in some gift cards and certificates.

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