Protect Your Business From Hackers

Disregarding the security of the currently most prized asset in the world – information – may result in heavy-duty financial losses or even a business gone awry.

Nowadays, any business person or a person who means the business has to possess a certain level of knowledge about cyber-securing their work. Choosing to opt out of this topic will eventually result in your stumbling upon a hacker who’s been looking for easy prey, just like the one you happen to be. Don’t be an IT-specialist just get a good antivirus.

If You Think You’re the Smartest, Well, Think Again

Business owners, more often than not, think that cybersecurity is a hoax, just like Global Warming is, as per the words of a certain very famous businessman. But then, for example, Target gets hacked and forty million credit card numbers are phished from its database, among others, eventually resulting in the company spending $252 million to patch things up.

Not only is your information, which includes all types of a personal, business, insider, and other types of data at risk, but all of the stakeholders involved in your business making are at risk if you don’t invest in cybersecurity of your work. Astoundingly, analysts report that the major reason for businesses not investing in cyber protection is a little financial incentive.

Well, how about 31% of businesses experiencing cyber attacks in operational infrastructure only routinely? Or attacks involving cryptojacking increasing by 8,500% in 2017? And all of that increasing the companies’ spending by 23% in 2017 and counting? Still not impressed?

Investing in Cybersecurity

 It will not only save you money, but it will also save our reputation.

You have to acknowledge and understand that you’re doing business and making a profit means that a lot of other people and businesses are involved in your success. Getting hacked may result in data leaking, systems breaking down, servers getting hijacked, money laundered and other horrible results. And on top of all of that, your stakeholders may become the collateral.

Target had to not only spend millions on rewiring its cybersecurity, but it also had to spend millions on lawsuits that came from all types of people who got caught by that cyberattack in-between. Just 30,000 websites get infected by malware daily, which then means costs on reclaiming it, repairing it, strengthening its security, paying the affected customers. And if its a hacker?

It may sound unbelievable but creating a solid baseline of defense is already enough of a precaution in protecting your business and your stakeholders from falling prey to most of the malware, viruses, and minor cyberattacks. Small businesses think that they’re unlikely to become victims of cyber attacks, so they don’t invest in cybersecurity. However, reports say that it is they that are the main target now exactly because of that naïvete. It is especially important to protect yourself in the festive season.

That’s Why an Antivirus Business Package Ain’t Got Nothing on Post-hacking Costs

It’s your call: spend just some $50-100 on a good antivirus package as a preventive measure from getting hacked or spend thousands of dollars or more (and time! where time is money, remember?) and lose profit while you’re trying to patch things up after that cyberattack that could’ve been simply deflected in the first place.

Why Get Offended If You Can Get a Bitdefender?

You can consider any option. For example, the Bitdefender review offers you an insight into this awesome yet financially appealing and ecological antivirus that has the highest-praised malware protection, through shields, and check-ups while not going hard on your system. Bitdefender has an easy interface, powerful malware, and ransomware protection and a 99% accuracy in identifying threats.

The Bitdefender business package offers multi-dimensional ransomware protection, wi-fi security, search advisor, online banking protection, secure transactions, anti-theft, file encryption, firewall and more. For $89.99, the review states that you’ll get the Bitdefender Total Security package for 5 devices that’ll have your business covered online and offline from all of those viruses and cyber attacks those other small businesses fall victim to and get into those nasty statistics.

McAfee Is Another Great Choice

One of the most respected brands in the antivirus world as the reviews say. While Bitdefender is geared more towards small businesses and helping them round up their cybersecurity, McAfee is more of a casual antivirus next door very versatile and liked by a wide variety of customers. It’s very easy to use has a user-friendly interface and scores right above average on most sides of keeping your data protected.

The review indicates that McAfee removes viruses with a 100% wiping out of any residue, has above-average shields, detectors, and malware fighting ability, but is mostly a turn-off because of its pricing. The usual price for the McAfee Total Protection for 5 devices is $90, offering you secure encrypted storage, malware/ransomware/spam/ID theft protection, etc. However, despite McAfee’s general praise, its performance is not the best on the market and the price point is overpriced compared to other more powerful antiviruses.

And remember: you don’t have to be an IT-specialist or spend a ton of money cyber-securing your business just get a good antivirus.

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