Office Tips to Help Win over potential Clients

As business owners and entrepreneurs, it is more than likely that you will be holding regular meetings with potential clients and business partners within your own headquarters. Face-to-face encounters are, undoubtedly, the best opportunity to make a great first impression.

Your office is not just the place where people carry out work, in fact, it is an extension of your company as a whole, which is why it must be giving off the correct message.

Here, we outline several tips on how your company can create the right office atmosphere, in order to win over any potential clients and prospective business partner who visits.


The waiting room or reception area should be, above all else, comfortable, as this will be where your prospective clients and partners sit while they wait. Installing excellent office furniture is important, as well as ensuring guests are kept entertained and refreshed. Many companies choose to take out a contract for a coffee machine rental or purchase a water dispenser so that guests can help themselves to fresh drinks as they please.

Other nice touches include placing a few magazines or coffee table books for visitors to browse, as well as leaving a card with the Wi-Fi password on, for easy access.

Friendly receptionist

Your office reception is probably the first area that visitors will encounter when they set foot in your company’s premises, which is why having an approachable, welcoming receptionist is the easiest way to make a good first impression. This person should be a great communicator, be able to multi-task and, in particular, be a friendly face within the organisation!

Office décor

When decorating your office, the first step to think about is the sector in which your business resides and the type of image you wish to portray. Are you a creative agency? Then a modern, vibrant, colourful office could best match your company persona. On the contrary, if you are a financial institution then you might wish to give off a more formal atmosphere, with classic décor.


Let’s be honest, nobody wants to walk into an untidy workspace, whether they are employed there, or just visiting to talk business, the working environment should be kept clean and clutter-free. If your office is messy, chaotic and unorganised, people will think that your company is just as disordered, which means you could miss out on important contracts and business partnerships.

There are many ways to keep the office tidy, all of which are fairly simple and cost-effective. Investing in storage and introducing a clear-desk policy for all employees, as well as having a paper and file processing system, are all great places to start.

Moreover, ensuring employees only print out documents that are truly necessary will keep the office organised, whilst also helping the environment!

A strong boardroom

The boardroom is, arguably, the most important room in an office, being the place where key meetings are held, proposals are signed and conference calls are made. For that reason, having a strong boardroom is essential, since it will define how your company is perceived in the eyes of potential clients, customers, business partners and employees.

As such, investing in the correct technology and equipment, such as whiteboards, speakers, projectors and Wi-Fi, will enable your company to prove to visitors that you are business-savvy and well-prepared for any conference calls or presentations.

The meeting room is where people spend a large chunk of their time, so it is essential to invest in high-quality, comfortable furniture. An attractive boardroom table, with plenty of space and seating options, is vital. Likewise, be sure to decorate well, with good lighting, attractive pictures and plants. Natural light also goes a long way and can turn an otherwise drab and dreary room into a brighter, airier one, creating a pleasant atmosphere for guests.

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