Must-Have Apps Every HR Professional Should Use

The HR team adds a lot of value to the company, from employee management to company culture improvements. But what adds value to the HR team?

People who work in HR value time management, communication, and a system that fosters personal growth. Today we have a huge selection of apps that are there to help us with our daily tasks. Yet it’s often still one of the more underutilized tools in an HR manager’s toolbox.

So here are some great apps that make managing people a lot easier.


Yes, there are plenty of online calling apps out there, but UberConference has a few unique perks. This app makes it super easy to connect, hold, and disconnect different people on a conference call. No pins are needed – simply call a specific number and share that number with anyone who needs to connect. The dashboard displays shared documents and screens. It also displays who is talking in real-time to avoid confusion. UberConference supports Google Hangouts for video integration.

Plus – it’s free!

Supported platforms:Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux

Google Keep

Easily create notes, pen quick reminders, save any files, update agendas, and record voice notes with Google Keep. Google Keep is integrated with other Google platforms like Docs and Sheets and is backed by Google’s secure encryption. It’s also super simple to share any documents or notes via Google Drive or Gmail.

Just like Google’s other apps, this one is free.

Supported platforms:Android, Mac, Windows, Linux


An HR professional has a hundred different things to keep track of. But remembering lots of complicated passwords just don’t stack high on that list. This is where a password manager like LastPass becomes a lifesaver.

LastPass stores all of your passwords in an encrypted vault that opens with a master key. It’s super easy to set up, and once a person has decided on their master key, LastPass will do all the work. It automatically fills in login details, can generate new strong passwords when signing up, and has two-factor authentication.

It’s freemium, so you only pay if there are locked features that you think are necessary.

Supported Platforms:Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux


Cyber attacks are a huge problem these days, especially for businesses and their employees. VPN software helps limit the possible ways a hacker can get access to personal information. So, even though it won’t help with daily operations, it’s being listed here.

It may not seem obvious, but cybersecurity and HR go hand in hand. Because, even though every company has policies around it, people are still the weakest link in cybersecurity. And the IT department doesn’t know how to manage people – HR does.

It’s impossible to block or keep track of everyone’s online movements, and people don’t like it either. But a VPN does most of the heavy lifting in the background. It encrypts all outgoing and incoming data, making it impossible for attackers to latch on. It also hides the user’s real IP address by routing all traffic through one of its servers. Which means that anyone seeking to harm the company won’t be able to find the company network through conventional means.

Most VPN providers support all the common platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux.


This app was created as a kind of private social network for corporate use and is great for inter-agency communication. Yammer makes it easy to share vital information, form cohesive communication across the whole company, and further company culture. An HR manager could also use this app to discuss sensitive company matters with employees to prevent leaks or misinformation.

Yammer is so popular because it’s linked to the company’s internet domain. This means that only employees can access it – making it very secure.

Yammer is also freemium.

Supported platforms: Android, Windows, Mac, Linux

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of things a person working in HR has to juggle on a daily basis. Technology can help make this process both easier and faster. So be sure to try these apps, and you might find that they make your life much more manageable.

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