Learn How to Earn by Writing Reviews for Major Brands

Millions of people dream of becoming freelance writers for hire. However, only a tiny percentage of writers make it. Competition is fierce, and price undercutting is commonplace. Some do make it, though. Moreover, of those that do, all have one thing in common.

Successful Freelance Writer Case Studies

Almost all writers who become accomplished freelancers have one thing in common. They don’t wait to get headhunted by clients. Instead, they headhunt clients. Best Antivirus Pro editor Nathan Collier is an excellent example of this strategy.

Best Antivirus Pro is a cybersecurity blog which Collier originally pitched himself as a guest writer. Today, Nathan is Best Antivirus Pro’s official blog editor. Moreover, this accomplishment is a direct result of Nathan having fine-tuned his writing talents to cater to brands like Best Antivirus Pro in the first place.

Few Brands Hire Writers Through Freelance Job Portals

Writers embarking on a freelance career path, often gravitate toward freelance job portals like UpWork. However, trying to find work via UpWork is precisely why many writers fail to reach their full potential.

Brands like Best Antivirus Pro rarely hire writers through freelance job portals. There is never any assurance of quality. It can also be difficult to find writers who are knowledgeable and passionate about specific subjects.

Start Writing for Major Brands by Writing for Specific Niches

Nathan Collier was snapped up quickly by Best Antivirus Pro for two reasons. First, Nathan was a good writer. However, as well as being talented, Nathan also had a background writing software write-ups and cybersecurity themed content. For Best Antivirus Pro, this was a huge bonus.

Such brands look to hire writers who can create content which actively engages their target audiences. Only writers who are innately familiar with certain subjects (like cybersecurity) can do this). If a writer has worked for similar brands previously, this can also give content they publish more credibility.

Write for Brands by Building Your Own Brand

 To start earning by writing for brands, writers first need to think about what kind of brands reflect their interests. All writers then need to do is start publishing content which might pique the interest of those brands. One easy way to do this can be to start syndicating free content on platforms like Medium.

Platforms like Medium allow writers to publish free content targeted at a variety of audiences. Writers can focus on fashion, health, even astrophysics. When they do this, writers can then start building their own brand, as well as a portfolio of work which they can showcase to prospective clients.

Learn How to Pitch to the Right Brands

After creating a portfolio you are proud of, it’s time to start pitching. To do this, writers need to start reaching out directly to brands, just like Nathan Collier did Best Antivirus Pro. Of course, this process can involve a lot of trial and error. As a basic rule, though, any brand with a blog is always on the lookout for new guest writers.

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