Is Event Planning Software Worth the Money?

Hosting business events is a great way to get exposure. They provide you with a reason to reach out to customers, engage with them and get to know them better. Firms who regularly host events tend to have a higher profile and a closer relationship with their customers than those who don’t. Hiring event facilitators can help alleviate a lot of pressure but there are still many aspects to attend to.

The only problem is that organising these events can swallow up a lot of your time. So, today we thought we would look at a way you can make things easier for yourself.

Using event scheduling software helps to keep you organised, get things done faster and improves the chances of your event being a success. Here’s how:

A low-cost way to create an event page

Most of these software packages have an event page creation tool built in. Using a click and drag content management system you can quickly create a page to advertise and market your event.

If you have ever built a website before using a page builder you will be able to get started straight away. But, do not worry if you have not because with 10 to 15 minutes training you will also be able to create a stunning event page.

The great thing about this approach is that you are the one in charge. You do not waste hours trying to explain to a web designer what you want, only to be disappointed with the end result. Plus, usually, doing it yourself will save you hundreds of pounds.

Better still, usually, some form of hosting is included with the package. So, you do not need to worry about buying and using that.

Secure payment methods for paid events

If your event is a paid one, collecting the money and handing out the tickets is a logistical nightmare. It swallows up a lot of time and receiving money for tickets into your business account can easily mess up your bookkeeping system.

The best event planning software has ticketing and payment features built in. For a small fee, they enable people who want to attend to securely purchase tickets online.

An easy way to handle the invites

It is also possible to buy event software that enables you to handle sending out the invites from within the system. Doing all that from a regular work email address is messy and time-consuming. It is all too easy for replies from attendees to get missed or lost. Having everything in one place within the event software makes sure that never happens.

If you want some inspiration for your event invitations, you can find some here.

Attendee management

Some packages give you the ability to track the number of attendees in live time. Once the event is full, the sale of tickets can be stopped. It is a really easy way to make sure that your event is not over-subscribed.

There is no doubt that event planning software is a good tool. Using it will save you time, keep you organised and help to reduce the stress that typically goes with planning an important business event. For some businesses using it will end up being relatively cheap or cost neutral. But, most find that the time saved and the fact their event is better-attended means that the software enables them to make more money over the long-term.

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