How Web Conferencing Can Benefit Small Businesses

Despite recent advancements in workplace technology, sometimes you just can’t beat the speed and convenience of speaking to somebody over the phone. More specifically, you can’t beat the efficiency of collaborating through web conferencing with an online conference call.

The unstoppable rise of the internet has seen the startling growth of cloud-based workspaces, instant messaging and email platforms in recent times, and the modern workspace has undoubtedly been transformed over the past two decades. However, there’s often no substitute for actually hearing a voice and humanizing the conversation, since this is typically the only way you can hope to build stronger working relationships.

For small businesses, the need to create such relationships is greatly exacerbated, and implementing the right collaboration tools is essential if you want to connect with clients and customers effectively. Fortunately, web conferencing may just be the solution that SMEs have been searching for…

Reduce Costs and Wasted Time

When it comes to forging strong working relationships, the need for regular face-to-face interaction is often completely unavoidable. However, constantly travelling out to meet with colleagues and collaborators can quickly become incredibly costly, especially if these meetings are taking place a long distance away and entail an expensive overnight stay.

For small businesses, this sort of arrangement just isn’t financially viable, and the amount of time wasted on travelling can prove just as damaging as the high costs involved. Web conferencing, of course, helps to significantly reduce these costs and save your business money in the long-term, even if you still have to occasionally travel to a face-to-face meeting.

Make Your Meetings More Productive

The reduction in travel means there’s also a much lower risk of attendees being delayed and arriving late, meaning that your conferencing sessions can always start on time and avoid any unproductive wasted time. In addition to reducing the amount of time a particular session takes up, this level of efficiency will also minimise distractions and ultimately keep attendees much more focused.

However, these benefits aren’t quite so strong when communicating through a traditional conference call, since these older platforms are typically prone to technological issues and inevitably hamper productivity. In fact, according to a recent study from conferencing provider, LoopUp, an average of 15 minutes of every conference call is wasted on setting up the technology and other distractions.

Web conferencing solutions are designed to simplify the entire process, allowing attendees to join sessions through the simple click of a button across a range of devices; while LoopUp actually provides a solution which removes the need for confusing dial-in codes and provides handy screen sharing capabilities. Joining a conference call has never been easier.

Encourage Remote Working

If your small business wants to attract top talent, then you’ll need to make sure you’re offering a fantastic work-life balance. Remote working has taken off in a big way over the past few years, and a 2018 Total Jobs survey found that 65% of workers are given the option to work from home, while 20% of employers believe flexible working options have created a happier, more productive workforce.

Workers no longer want to feel restricted to the confines of the traditional 9-to-5, instead preferring to work at a time and place that best suits them. Of course, if you aren’t able to offer this kind of flexibility, then you may find difficulty in attracting top members of staff to your organisation, with that same Total Jobs survey finding that 28% of workers would actually change jobs if they weren’t allowed to work remotely.

However, remote working can only be successful if employees are still able to collaborate effectively, which means you must provide the tools they need to communicate and work together. Web conferencing allows remote workers to seamlessly collaborate from all over the world, bringing them together into a single meeting without the need for any expensive travel costs.

Without remote working options, your business may struggle to compete for the best available candidates. Without web conferencing and other collaborative tools, remote working just isn’t a possibility for your business in 2019.

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