How to market your hairdressing salon business for maximum results

With competition amongst hairdressing salon only increasing, smart marketing techniques can really help you stand out from the crowd. With your amazing haircuts, you’ll retain your current client base, and with these marketing strategies you can expand it as well.

While good service is always appreciated, it is not sufficient to distinguish yourself in the market. Your brand is defined by that little something extra that only you can offer your clients. You need to consistently market your brand and build your image to get ahead.

Here are a few ways to market your unique hairdressing salon brand and keep the appointments flowing in.

In-store marketing

In-store marketing is not just about the offers you run, it involves everything from the way you and your staff present yourselves, to the experience clients have in your salon. Your brand is everything from the front door and advertising, to where they pay the bill as they exit.

A space for selfies

Your client’s hair will literally never look better than after you’ve just finished styling it. So offer them a space within the salon to take pictures while they’re looking their best. Set up a corner in your hairdressing salon with great light where people can take their selfies. Have your logo slapped on the background or as a sticker on the mirror.  It won’t cost much at all and you get free advertising with every post. Better yet, slap those selfies on your IG account.

Stock up on exclusive products

You have a fair idea on the products that your clients need. Try sourcing some exclusive products that match these needs. If the products work well for them, they will definitely return. Are the products in line with your brand?

Upsell with add-on services

Ask your clients if they would also like a hair treatment along with the service they’ve already booked. If it’s something that could be managed within the same time frame as the service he/she made an appointment for, the answer will probably be yes. So not only do they leave feeling twice as pampered but they are likely to book the add-on service next time.

Have a sale or a contest

As an annual or bi-annual event, hold a contest or a sale. The contest could be an incentive for customers who are sending more people your way. The customer with the most referrals could get a gift or a package of free services. The sale will prompt more people to try your services and return when they like the experience.

Bring in foot traffic

Host a master class or a course in personal styling at your salon. This would draw more people in. 

Upgrade the experience you offer with software

Taking your appointment book online goes a long way in helping you keep track of things and helping your business run smoothly. You can use this to your advantage and increase your business.

Re-booking appointments: When your clients are at the desk paying their bills, ask them in advance for their next appointment and key it into the system. This fills your appointment books up much faster. You can send them a text reminder when the date is approaching.

Birthday program: Clients will love to get their hair done to look good for their birthdays. Send them a message a few weeks before their birthday and ask if they’d like a treatment close to their day. To really make an impression you could even give them an upgrade or throw in a free add-on service.

Last minute appointments:  Once you have your appointment schedule, you can spot empty slots and send emails or messages to your customers to fill them in. Sometimes all it takes is a reminder for someone to remember an appointment.

What’s more, there are tons of software available for you; just visit website here to explore your options!

Online marketing

Especially with beauty services, social media and the internet can be powerful marketing tools. Here are some of the things you can do to harness this medium.

Have online reviews: Potential clients always check online reviews before trying out a new place. So make sure you have at least a few good ones. Ask your regular clients to leave you reviews, just remember that people can smell a fake review a mile away so steer clear of writing one yourself. In addition to leaving reviews on your website or your Google page, get on other review sites so people can rate you there. Keeping track of these reviews and responding to them shows that you’re involved and care about your clients’ feedback.

Run online ads: With most social media platforms, you can run ads. This gives you a wider reach and a more relevant audience. Many small businesses use this as they are fairly economical as well.

Offer valuable information: Use your online presence to offer advice on beauty. Tips that your followers can use in their daily lives, product reviews and so on. Giving people valuable advice in return for a follow will allow you to build a strong community around your brand. You can also contribute to well-known beauty blogs or create one of your own! 

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Finally, don’t underestimate the power of advertising locally, even if it’s just around the neighbourhood. People love having services close to home as this makes their lives easier. So when you reach out to them, they’ve already got one foot in the door. Host a local fashion show, a town event or collaborate with iconic local businesses to get noticed. Think of building a long term relationship with your customers and they are more likely to stay loyal. 

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