How to help your team work more efficiently

How efficient and organised are your team? Many businesses lose a huge amount of time due to inefficiency and ineffective processes. Whether you need to book a tailored, professional development course, such as a time management course or communication needs to be more effective, there are many ways to encourage your workforce to be more productive. Here are some simple ideas.

Set clear and reasonable goals


Goal setting is an important tool in improving efficiency and productivity and as a manager, it’s important that your team have team goals and individual goals to strive towards. Spend time thinking about these goals and how your team might work to achieve them. SMART goals are specific, measurable, reasonable and time-bound; these are achievable benchmarks by which you can track progress and lead your team towards success.

Define roles for clarity


Clearly defined role will lead to a motivated and enthusiastic and ultimately successful team. If your team are not meeting their objectives, it may be because there is confusion around responsibilities. In order to create the most efficient and productive atmosphere, understand what each person brings to the team and assign them a role accordingly. Meet with each team member regularly to re-define their role and communicate tasks and expected deadlines and outcomes.

Provide regular feedback and recognition


Research has shown  that regularly providing your team with feedback is one of the best ways they can thrive because it offers them a sense of progression, keeping them motivated. It is also important to draw on the positives and your employees’ strengths. One IBM study found that employees that had recognition at work were three times more engaged than those who did not. Encourage a culture of feedback and trust.

Keep meetings productive


Meetings are a thief of time, especially when there is a lack of agenda, poor planning or endless discussions without firm decisions. According to one European study, employees waste almost 13 days a year in unproductive meetings. Meetings are often essential but they need to be made as productive as possible by preparing an agenda, limiting attendees and keeping them as short and concise as possible. Mix up your meetings and try new options, such as walking meetings, to see if it boosts productivity.

Invest in training


Workplace training can improve and enhance efficiency. In order for your team to reach its full potential, it could be time to invest in training to give both yourself and your employees the right tools. Companies such as Impact Factory, create unique tailored training courses for businesses, covering everything from communication, networking and performance management to professional personal development.

Give ownership


When team members feel more accountable for their work, they will contribute more and work harder. Delegate tasks to your team, get different team members to lead projects and create a transparent environment, where there is mutual respect and understanding. Step back and allow your team to get on with their roles; this will build self-esteem and productivity.

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