How to Be a Better Boss for Your Employees in 2019

Being a manager isn’t a job for the faint of heart…Not only do you have to coordinate schedules and manage your own responsibilities, but you also want to be the best boss you could possibly be for your employees. No, it doesn’t mean you have to take them on a luxury vacation or bump their salaries to unreasonable wages.

What it does mean though, is that you should consider how you communicate with them. You should be proactive about burnout and take measures to boost morale, and you should constantly make an effort to make work a great place to be for anyone involved in your organization.

Looking for a few specific ways to be a better boss in 2019? You’re in the right place. From HR practices to fun activities, we have some effective strategies you and your employees would love to be a part of.

Start with the basics

In order to create a positive and professional work environment, you must have a strong HR program to handle employee needs. There’s a lot to think about when managing your own staff (time off, sick days, payroll, etc.) and when things fall through the cracks, it impacts your employees in a big way.

Missing payroll dates or mishandling communications could lead to frustrations within your organization, so it’s better to be proactive about these matters before they happen. If you manage a smaller team, an online HR system would be sufficient (and cost-effective), but if your company is bigger you might want to have an in-person professional on staff to bolster your HR efforts.

In addition to general Human Resources practices, you should also make sure your managers are well-equipped to handle conflicts, administer reviews, and help out all staff members. Your training documentation should be very specific, but you should also host regular training meetings to ensure everyone’s managerial practices are up to date.

Make an effort to boost morale

Being a better boss for your employees doesn’t have to be all about process and procedure… it can be fun, too! One of the most important parts of employee happiness is overall morale. When there’s negativity in the office space, it tends to spread quickly so it’s essential to keep the environment light and enjoyable for the whole team.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out these fun activities you can use to foster a fun work environment:

  • Go on a company trip
  • Take pictures with an aura machine
  • Host regular events such as happy hours and potlucks
  • Give out monthly employee rewards

Create space for communication

Being transparent and communicative with your employees is another way to increase job and workplace satisfaction. Why? To put it simply, confusion starts with miscommunication…and no one likes to feel confused.

To start, schedule team and individual meetings with your team to catch up on current projects and get a sense of where everyone’s at in life and at work. In addition, you can use an online messaging platform and email to get quick updates, but these channels should never replace interpersonal communication between you and your team.

Ask for feedback

Getting direct feedback from your staff is the best-case scenario when it comes to making organizational improvements, but not everyone will be so open to the idea. That’s why it’s important to offer alternate channels for everyone to participate in the conversation.

You can do this by prompting questions by issuing an anonymous survey and sending it out to your staff to fill out. The questions you ask totally depend on your company culture, but some good ones to gage include: job satisfaction, feedback on management, and a section to include ways to male improvements.

Then…take action

Your employees will understand if you can’t take action on every single request they make, but they’ll likely become pretty frustrated if you don’t take any action at all. If you can’t make something happen, let them know why and if you can, go for it! Your employees will thank you.


Being a boss isn’t easy, and being a great boss can sometimes seem impossible. But if you follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to receiving the “Best Boss of the Year” award..or at least one of those mugs that says so.

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