How recruitment agencies can save businesses time and money

Increasingly, businesses are finding that partnering with recruitment agencies brings them a number of benefits, not least when some times of year are inevitably busier than others. An agency can provide both long and short-term staff, can help a business to cover when a team member is off sick, and can also offer a range of other potential services, from payroll support to psychometric testing. With the employer / employee relationship shifting in a changing business landscape, recruitment agencies also help both parties achieve the balance of commitments they’re looking for.

Getting it right

Today’s recruitment firms are highly professional agencies that know how to match the right candidate to the right job role. Digital profiling has increased the ease of doing this, as well as speeding up the recruitment process overall. The agency can enter your business’s requirements into its database and contact a suitable candidate immediately. Potentially they could then be starting at their new workplace within the hour.

Cost effective

 A recruitment agency saves your business time and resources, as there’s no need to advertise a vacancy, whittle down a shortlist of candidates from their CVs, hold interviews and then process the successful applicant’s details. The agency has already done all that for you, and has a list of suitable potential employees all ready to start work immediately. This is particularly useful when you need extra cover urgently on a temporary basis.

Flexible hours

 Sometimes a company might just need extra employees for a few days in a week, or even just a one-off job. Ordinarily it can be difficult to find the right person who is willing to take on such short-term work, especially at short notice. And yet there are often plenty of competent individuals who would be glad of the work on just those specific days. That’s the thinking behind Workchain, a recruitment agency that specialises in flexible working, putting companies and job hunters together for mutual benefit. If a company needs a particular kind of person for a very particular time period then an agency like Workchain can make it happen.

Specialist skills

 Often a company requires someone with very specialised skills for a particular job, but doesn’t need them often enough to justify taking them on full-time, especially as such specialists are often able to command a high salary. The answer is to partner with a specialist recruitment agency that can provide someone with the required skill sets for just the days or hours needed. In this way the business only needs pay them for the job that needs doing, rather than keep them on staff permanently and unnecessarily.

This sort of situation is especially prevalent in the world of information technology, where new skills and specialisms are constantly being required. Many IT experts prefer to work through an agency, as they can command higher hourly rates and enjoy the variety of finding themselves in different environments. As almost every kind of business is now reliant on IT to some degree, but few can afford to have their own in-house IT department, this is a major growth area for recruitment firms.

Only the best

 A recruitment agency’s greatest asset is its reputation, and that reputation depends on always sending the best people out to the firms it supplies. Consequently these agencies will only shortlist the very best candidates for every role. Generally too, the people who apply to recruitment agencies are highly motivated individuals who genuinely want to work hard and make the best use of their skills. Agencies also have a nationwide reach and so aren’t necessarily limited to the local area when sourcing candidates.

A changing world

As work and business becomes more flexible so recruitment agencies are changing to meet the needs and requirements of both employers and employees. While they have always been a go-to resource for seasonal cover, agencies are now being relied upon by businesses all year round. Many businesses are arranging partnerships with agencies they know that they can trust, in order to have a pool of fill-in employees available, sometimes at just an hour’s notice.

We are all running on tighter resources and making an effort to operate more efficiently. Recruitment agencies facilitate that by providing the right people for the right job at the right time, so cutting down on wasted energy and money. And in a specialised world they can also provide people with the exact skills you need for a specific job, thus reducing the need to compromise and make-do. In today’s business world, recruitment agencies have really found their place.

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