How bloggers can help promote your business

Promoting your business using bloggers is a great way to increase your online presence which in turn will help boost your ROI. Businesses, retailers and brands are now using bloggers to reach wider audiences to promote their products and services.

The use of bloggers to promote your business is a relatively new concept, but more and more businesses are realising the positive effect it can have.

Blogger outreach can be used to help promote your business in many ways. Here are a few examples how:

Sponsored/Guest Posts

A sponsored post is where a company approaches bloggers to publish already written articles on their site, or provides  bloggers with the info they would like included. In both cases, the articles contain a link back to the company’s site.

This is one of the most popular ways for a company to promote their online presence. The article you place on a blogger’s site would have a link back to your site – the link needs to be a follow link to gain the link equity from it. If a no follow link is used, readers would still be directed to your site but you would not get the link equity from this, and your rankings won’t benefit as a result.

Product Reviews

Many product reviews you see online are a form of advert. Companies and brands contact bloggers and ask if they are interested in writing a review to increase awareness. Companies usually send the blogger the item they want reviewed and ask them to write an impartial review and share across their social channels. The blogger includes a link back to the company’s product page so that people can gain more information – with the ultimate aim of them buying the product.


Many companies use bloggers to launch competitions to increase brand awareness. To do this they will offer a giveaway.

The blogger publishes the competition on their site, giving readers a chance of winning the prize. They’ll also include a link to the company’s site in the competition article, to gain link equity, to improve site ranking and to increase sales of the product.


The use of infographics in marketing has been around for many years. In this context, companies can create infographics to promote products or provide information on a brand then work with bloggers to promote it both via blogs and social channels. The infographic itself will include a link back to the company’s homepage or the product they’re looking to promote.

Public Speaking

Companies can work with bloggers to host public speaking events. Many bloggers are well known and commandeer great engagement. Some firms may not have media-savvy staff, but many bloggers are experienced at public speaking or hosting events, and will be a great person to represent the company.


Some companies may ask bloggers to take the lead in publishing video content. The blogger might feature in the video and/or share it across their social channels with a link back to the company.

Working with bloggers is a smart idea, given their reach and influence, and this should be a key part of your marketing strategy. Bloggers can help you improve your online rankings which in turn will improve brand awareness – and increase that all-important ROI.

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