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How a sign can enhance your brand

As a business owner, you should develop a well-orchestrated corporate identity to give your own brand or online shop a design that makes it unique and increases its recognition value. The most important point undoubtedly is the brand logo, but also one of the most difficult obstacles when starting on your business journey is to get your brand established.

A company logo usually consists of a combination of image/wordmark, only a wordmark or solely an image. It expresses the identity of a company, creates more visibility and attracts new customers. Probably the best example ever for this phenomenon is the company logo of Coca Cola – known by every kid around the world.

But what are the distinguishing features of an appealing company sign, in particular a logo? It has to be authentic and mirrors the personality of the brand, must have symbolic power and needs to have a connection to your brand.

Individually create company signs

It is therefore particularly important to put much effort and creativity into the design of a logo to meet the theory requirements mentioned. Apart from that, it is the first impression people have of your business. It should be individually styled, attract new customers or clients and have a high recognition value. And – never forget – you, as company owner, should be fully happy with and proud on its design.

Signomatic understands how crucial, but how complicated the design of a new logo sign might be. Therefore, they offer a wide range of high-grade materials, colours, fonts and forms which you can combine in an individual way and thus create your dream logo sign or company sign. When you are fully satisfied with all aspects of your design, it goes into production and will be sent to you just as you ordered it.

Now, your newly designed company signs are ready for us. You can fix them directly at the outer office door or the office building, at your shop or your restaurant – attracting attention of passers-by and facilitating the finding of the office rooms.

Generally, there are also signs needed to name the different rooms – signs off the shelf. Classical examples would be name plates in large offices showing the names of the office owners, neutral signs for toilets or office kitchens and room numbers.

Fresh-up of the corporate designs

The corporate design should regularly be updated or refreshed with modern forms and colours. Usually, however, it is not advisable to completely exchange the corporate identity in use but to modernise it. In particular those brands already established on the market should freshen up their brand on a regular basis to show that they develop themselves and go with the trends.