Businesses use Indeed Company Pages Premium To Promote Transparency

Indeed are by far and away one of the biggest and best employment companies around right now, offering both employers and job seekers a superb service across the board. What Indeed have done is bring to the fore new and innovative ways to connect employers with potential new recruits, and the company have stepped their game up once again with the introduction of Company Pages Premium.

Company Pages Premium is a tool that will be an important weapon in the arsenal of recruiters as it will give them more control than ever before over their employer brand. Jobseekers will now be able to log on to Indeed and find everything they need to know about employers such as InTouch Games, from the description of the company, right through to reviews of the company too. The new system will also allow those looking at vacancies to access these ratings and reviews easier than ever before, while also being able to obtain insights on things such as performance too.

Transparency has always been important in business. But it’s becoming increasingly more important over time, with jobseekers likely to feel more inclined to pursue a position at a company who are as transparent as possible. During 2018, job seekers accessed company pages on Indeed in excess of 1.5 billion times, showing just how important transparency, reputation and the like are.

Speaking about the addition of Company Premium Pages, Mr Sashi Kumar, MD of Indeed India, said, “The new premium offering enables employers to fast track their employer brand and offerings in the age of transparency and openness. With extensive analytics that provide insight into their potential workforce, companies can enhance their recruitment process by utilising this service. Company Pages Premium enables employers to better understand job seekers, therefore making it easier than ever to match the right job seeker with relevant companies”

Company Pages Premium will offer the following to employers

  • The opportunity to customise and brand content to appear on pages
  • Job postings that will be shown to potential candidates will be based on the job searches they carry out on the platform
  • There will be analytics provided to the employer so they can gain insights on how well the company is performing in certain areas. They can even go as far as comparing the salaries they offer in comparison to those offered by competitors.
  • The filtering and sorting of reviews and ratings by different options such as department and location
  • Insights will be provided which show employers page insights, therefore allowing them to showcase what the positives and strengths of their brand
  • The ability to showcase a couple of sections which will give job seekers a brief insight into things such as what people are saying about the company.
  • There’s also be a “Join Us” section, which acts as a landing page, something which employers will have complete control over in terms of customisation.
  • Employers using Company Pages Premium will automatically be eligible for recognition awards at Indeed. It’s these awards which will help those looking for work to find the best employers to work for.

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