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As a professional preparing for a video interview what should I do!?

Advancements in VoIP and Digital Video Platforms are making the task of acquiring candidates, quicker, more targeted, easier and far more convenient for employers as well as candidates.” – EmployerTube.com Experts in Video Interviews

As the ability to remote work has increased in affordability for companies due to an increase in the power and speed of internet technology, a large amount of companies are now also using technology systems such as Employertube to interview candidates in the comfort of their own home.

Companies are now heading more to video-based technologies due to a telephone interview not always providing them the data and facts about a candidate that they may want to disseminate before offering the candidate either a face to face interview or a job offer.

Employertube allows potential employers to set a one way video-based interview up, they allow hiring managers to select from prebuilt or custom question sets that allow the company to hit on some of their core principles and see how candidates will react under these scenarios, they can also sort to filter based on other variables that are completed when a potential candidate is requested to participate in an interview.

These tools can make it so much easier for initial candidate screening, they are great for reading body language, facial expressions and any nervous ticks that a candidate may have. 

Below we will go over some basic techniques when you are going to be participating in one of the styles of interview.

Act as if you were in a real interview

It is natural to feel worried or have apprehensions when you are preparing for an interview, and this is the same for when preparing for a video-based one. 

When interviewing tell yourself that everyone can feel the same way, nervous, edgy and can become a bit absent minded

The best way to combat this is to be as prepared as you can be, then it will have less anxiety feeding into your behaviour, don’t think about it do it.

Having a nervous tick or playing with your hair is a natural thing to do when nervous, but these things can distract both yourself and the interviewer away from your answers to the questions they have asked you.

Remember to just stay calm and it will be fine, make sure you pre record yourself in a mock interview before the real thing, this will allow you to catch any of these minor actions and to be aware of them in the real thing.

Are my tools and software up to date ?

When preparing for a video-based interview, you should make sure that all of your tools and software are up to date and working.

If you are using a laptop make sure that it is either plugged in or the battery is at 100%, make sure if you are using Windows you have run the update tool so it doesn’t request that you shutdown or restart your mission at a critical part of the interview.

Make sure you have a list of the software that you will need to complete the interview, this could be Skype or another 3rd party item of software that you may have to download.

Make sure that you have changed the screen name that you use, it is very unprofessional to use a name such as cherryBomb69, change it to your name..

An interview is an interview

Whether you are interviewing in person or via a video-based system, you must remember that the basics are always key. 

We may think that we have the basics down, quite often people forget that the interviewer will be able to see your body language and expression. 

Always dress for the occasion, you wouldn’t turn up to an interview in a bathrobe so don’t be sat in a bathrobe during the video-based one, make sure it looks smart when sat down and avoid bold statement colours that may detract from yourself and always open with a smile. 

You should always be enthusiastic and genuine, show off your confident persona and this should be able to be reflected in your smile.

When it comes to eye contact, you should adhere to the 5 second rule, it is video-based but again they can see you and your expressions.

As technology progresses video-based interviewing will become a core part of the recruitment process, so you should practice and get as much experience as you can, as in the future it will be seen as a required skill

Don’t be frightened, embrace that email that requests a video-based interview, let the technology partnership get you that dream job that you have always wanted. 

Go out be confident, be yourself and create a success