A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting The Right Size Skip

Skips, which help in eliminating the wast from your job site or home, are one of the most crucial tools used in the waste management process. Implementing best waste management practices is utterly essential for getting rid of the waste that generates from homes, and commercial buildings that house offices, restaurants, and shops; construction sites, and schools and colleges, etc.

Whether you talk about homeowners, business owners, general contractors who are accountable for overseeing construction activities, or entrepreneurs running manufacturing units, all of them can rely on quality skips to dispose of the waste that generates from their homes, offices, construction sites and factories.

No matter who you are and what you do, it’s your responsibility to manage the waste that generates from your home and job site effectively.  Your failure to get rid of your waste responsibly will contribute towards increasing water, air, and soil pollution, which is equally dangerous for both human beings and animals.

So whether you are planning to clean your garden or you want to keep your construction site clean, hire quality skips to dispose of the waste that generates from your project.

Here’s a detailed description of different sizes of skips that are available in the market and their usages.

2-Yard Mini Skip

If your home, shop or office cleaning project is going to generate a small amount of waste, then it’s better to opt for  2-yard mini skips. They are ideal for domestic waste disposal as you can keep them easily on your property. You don’t need a lot of space to station them, so you don’t even have to be bothered about arranging a council highway permit.

A 2-yard mini skip can accommodate approximately 24-25 black bin bags.

Mini 4-Yard Builder Skip

Mini 4-yard builder skips are perfect for eliminating both residential and commercial waste. Whether you are planning to carry out a small DIY kitchen renovation project or you are thinking about cleaning your shop thoroughly, mini 4-yard builder skip can prove to be ideal for getting rid of your waste.

Mini 4-yard  builder skips are also perfect for disposing of the waste that generates from small construction projects such as building patios and driveways.

You can accommodate around 44-45 black bin bags in them.

6-Yard Builder Skip

If your project is expected to generate an amount of waste that you can’t accommodate in a 4-yard builder skip, then it’s better to book a 6-yard builder skip. You can use it for getting rid of both residential and commercial waste. It’s ideal for accommodating 50-55 black bing bags.

8-Yard Builder Skip

If you are working on a medium size residential or commercial construction project, then  8-yard builder skips are ideal for you. Based on the amount of waste you generate, you can hire either one or more than one 8-yard builder skips.

You can load approximately 75-80 black bin bags in an 8-yard builder skip.

10-Yard Builder Skip

10-yard builder skips are an excellent choice for large-scale building projects. They will help you in keeping your construction site clean, which will eventually help in reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

A 10-yard builder skip can accommodate approximately 95-100 black bin bags.

12-Yard Builder Skip

12-yard builder skips are suitable for large building projects. You can also use them for getting rid of industrial waste. They are ideal for collecting cement, bricks, plaster, wood, rebar, and nails etc., scattered on your site.

You can load up to 120 black bin bags in a 12-yard builder skip.

So, if you want to make your waste management process hassle-free, make sure that you hire quality skips from a reliable company at affordable rates.

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