8 Things you need to Know about Big Data in Business

There has always been some responsive over competitive vibe in the space of technology today The space has ballooned with search engines, social media networks, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, on demand software solutions, cloud computing and so forth. The recent emergence and evolution of big data in business has ignited the growth of dozens of enterprises. Beginning with the evolving nature of data streams mined from social networking, online sources and digital analytics.

Big data is the future of business.

Regardless of the business line one pursues, big data presents a valuable opportunity for businesses and individuals to exploit. And so, the future business leader must understand how to use big data to the benefits of the company.

Here are eight things you need to know about big data in business.

Big Data is an Asset

Data is an asset that can be used to improve the success standing of a company. With multiple data streams ignited today by the rise of social media, it is essentially important for the business leader to learn how to identify potential data streams, collect meaningful data sets and analyze these data sets to improve user experience, brand awareness campaigns, web traffic and act on consumer complains. It is only big data that can help business leaders identify potential business gaps and use them for the success of the company.

Big Data is a Tool for Market and Consumer Intelligence

Enterprises want to understand their consumer preferences at this point in time more than ever before. Companies that exploit the benefits of big data tools tend to be aligned with customer needs more than the rest.

This is because such businesses have learnt about their customers and the needs of the market. The quantity of these data keeps increasing every day.

There is no bigger weapon in a competitive 21st century market than a business knowing what a consumer actually needs.

Big Data is the beginning of Strategic Planning and Decision Making

Big data helps a business’ management to implement data analytics and come up with valid decisions. The measurement, recording and monitoring of performance metrics and population data sets helps business leaders segment market trends audience wise, set new goals and make wise decisions.

Big Data will help you Identify Trends and Gaps

The market is highly influenced by current trends and consumer patterns. Determining potential trends in the market and changing consumer preferences using big data sets can be used to meet demand and gain a competitive edge in the market. This is especially important to companies in the retail sector and they want to identity potential trends in the retail industry. Such data would help meet the needs of the retail market.

Big Data will drive low Risk Data Influenced Action Plans

Big data provides businesses with quantifiable evidence based on real data sets and analytics. Both big and small enterprises can exploit this performance based evidence and close the gap between decision making and investment.

Data driven decisions will help businesses define actions plans that will foreshadow investment risks and improve the business.

Big Data is a Tool for Reliable Human Resource Recruitment

Merging multiple data platforms has enabled firms to easily meet the appropriate human resource candidates and choose the best. Using and understanding insight from social media networks, job search resumes and corporate profiles, Human resource department can easily find talent according to select criteria and quickly meet the best candidates.

Big Data Could be monetized

The value of big data is only found after thorough analyses. Implementing the interpreted data is possible to grow a number of businesses, not only yours. Therefore, you can sell the raw data to other businesses or rather interpret the data and sell it to power other enterprises. The big data can also be used to improve the financial standing of a company and therefore make money indirectly.

Big Data is all around us

Mobile phones, wearable and a set of smart home controls that are built over the Internet of Things provides remote controlled data decisions that monitor electricity usage, security status, environmental protection and weather patterns. Car monitoring and integrated localized sensors analyze the operation of various machines and circuits using data driven technology. We provide information to online services and social media sites every day. The fact that big data is all around us is a big truth.


Big data cuts across every aspect of the modern business, yet it is only a smaller image of the bigger picture. Once a business executive collects these data sets, they are analyzed and interpreted into useful data models that to better targets the business strategies.

It is therefore important for business leaders to utilize the full potential of big data to drive market performance and gain more consumer insight.

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