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7 Quick Business Marketing Tips for 2020

Marketing is an ever-changing industry, especially with the online elements and its evolving technology and approaches.  That means looking for the best strategies for 2020 may mean doing some things differently to in 2019 while others will remain the same.  Here are some of the quick business marketing tips for the coming year to help you plan.

SEO remains key

Strategies will come and go but at the core of online marketing will always be SEO or search engine optimisation.  This is the series of techniques and approaches aimed at getting traffic from search engines, primarily Google, in a strong and reliable way.  Creating an SEO strategy will sit at the heart of many of the other things that you do to marketing your business and should be the starting point.  See Abacus Marketing “how to create a successful SEO strategy.”

Focus on the most effective marketing channels

Because there are so many different ways to market your business, it is easy to get caught in a never-ending effort to master them all.  This way often leads to disaster or certainly to marketing burn-out. The key is to develop the most effective marketing channels, get processes in place and only look at adding more once these are working smoothly with minimal work.  Think about where your customers are found as the top starting point.

Continue to use email marketing

Like SEO, email marketing is a marketing approach that doesn’t go away and while people are always predicting its death, it still delivers.  The customers speak – 83% of people prefer to receive emails from a brand they trust over other types of communication. So, no matter what experts say, email marketing should always be one of the marketing approaches you use. 

However, you can look to try new tactics and experiment with the latest trends within email marketing to help you make better connections with subscribers.  From email opt-in offers and tripwire products to special email-only content, there are lots of ways to use it.

Repurpose your best content

Creating a constant stream of high-quality new content to engage your audience can be hard work but one of the ways to work clever is to repurpose your best content.  Let’s say you have a top-performing blog post – can you repurpose it? Examples might include:

  • Creating a video with the core points
  • Make a SlideShare of the key takeaways
  • Create a series of social media updates with snippets from the content
  • Make it into a podcast episode for your own or someone else’s podcast

Repurposing proven content should be one of the top priorities for 2020 as it has the proven track record to show it is successful and you can utilise this in new ways to catch new audiences.

Have a unique brand story

A brand story might sound like something that big companies do but realistically, any company can have a brand story.  It doesn’t need to be complicated or go back for many years – it is about who your company is and what you are about. Users are very interested in this kind of content and it can be made into different formats for different marketing channels – a short video for Instagram, a long-form motivational piece for LinkedIn, a series of graphics for Pinterest.

Make use of video as much as possible

Video has been a huge trend for the last couple of years and looks set to continue into 2020.  This means using video content wherever possible is a great way to market your business. Part of the attraction of video is that people can easily consume it on their smartphones, and this accounts for more than half of all traffic to a website.  From graphics style explainer videos to behind the scenes shots, there are lots of ways to involve video in your marketing.

Grab your Google My Business page

Google+ may be a memory but there are still ways to reach your audience with Google in addition to SEO.  Top of the list is to claim and use your Google My Business page (GMB).  This is particularly helpful when users search from their mobile phones, which account for around 60% of searches.  It is a free tool and lets you create a business profile for your company to show in search.