6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App in 2019

Many people wrongly assume that business applications are only for huge multinational companies, but smaller and independent businesses are using this effective strategy to offer something unique to their customers and to ensure that they establish and maintain that competitive advantage. It is more important than ever before that you are a mobile-friendly business, but this doesn’t just mean having a website that is mobile accessible; it means making the most of the amount of time that potential customers spend on their phones and using it to your advantage. So, to provide you with everything you need to know, here are six reasons why your business needs a mobile app in 2019!

Visibility to Customers

Research has found that the average individual spends around 3 hours a day on their mobile device, so if you want to get your business noticed and want to ensure that you are visible to potential customers, then accessing them via their mobile is the best way to go about it. By developing a mobile app, you can have your business constantly visible to customers as every time they go on their phone, they will see your app. Even if your app isn’t used daily by customers on their phone, simply having it installed means that they will notice it when looking for other apps on their device. This is an advantage to your business because it is helping you become well-known and recognisable.

Build Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is essential for businesses as it can be the difference between your company being a success or failure. The aim of brand recognition is that you want your business to be the first thing that a customer thinks about when they are considering products and services that you sell. Building your brand recognition may not lead to increased revenue straight away, but over time you can ensure that you are well-known for what you do which will entice customers. An app is a great way to build brand recognition as it is like having a huge billboard that you can use in any way that you want, but it is more accessible to customers. However, it is essential that your app builds on the brand you have already created and doesn’t provide anything brand new, unless you plan to rebrand your whole company. If you have company colours that help you get recognition, then you should use these colours for your app design.

Stand Out

As people generally assume that an app isn’t made for a smaller business, you can really stand out from the crowd of competitors by getting your own mobile business application. The app development company Appetiser specialises in creating unique and high-quality apps for businesses and are now an industry leader when it comes to creating an application that is suitable for your needs. With a free consultation, you can start to design an app that is useful and beneficial to customers, that also helps you stand out and offer something different than your competitors. The apps created by Appetiser include product features such as helpful store locators, easy to access navigation, and full product catalogues so that your customers can view everything that you have to offer without having to move from their seat.

Boost Customer Loyalty

If your customers have your business app downloaded to their phone and there are additional perks to using your app, then they are more likely to use your business over one of your competitors. When your app is initially created, you may consider offering a discount to all customers that download and purchase via the app to ensure that the app is being used. Integrating loyalty programmes into the app is a great way to keep your customers loyal and interested in what you have to offer. You can also make the discounts that you offer app customers more personal, based on their previous purchases.

Additional Revenue

By developing your own business app, you are developing an additional source of revenue, which means more customers and more profit. Research shows that there are strong links between customer satisfaction and an increase in sales, so by having a high-quality and useful app for customers to quickly and efficiently make their purchases, you may see an increase in revenue.

Direct Marketing Channel

A mobile business app is a direct channel to your customers that you can use every day for marketing strategies. By sending regular updates and notifications, you can engage with your customers and market the products you have to offer directly to their phones.

Having a business mobile app is the latest trend in marketing, and it is the best way to take your business to the next level as it can contribute towards overall company growth and development.

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