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5 Things Every Manager Should Review for Warehouse Safety

Being in charge isn’t always fun. Along with privileges come responsibilities, and as a manager, safety for your employees should be your number one priority. Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one watching out for their health, but it doesn’t have to be a big burden. Use these tips to maintain warehouse safety and keep accidents from happening.

Review Signs

Signs about hazards and proper instructions are fundamental parts of keeping your staff safe. Do regular warehouse walk-throughs, paying special attention to where the signs are and noticing them as if you were a new employee. Ask yourself if the signs are posted in noticeable places where people are likely to see them.

Double check that the signs give the right instructions, too. Sometimes procedures change, but we forget to change the signs. Audit the messages on the posted signs regularly to make sure they are up to date.

Keep in mind that if a sign has been in place for too long, people who see it regularly won’t notice it anymore, a sort of “sign blindness.” Combat this by printing fresh signs that look different, changing the color of the paper if regulations allow it or the font (still use a readable font). The message stays the same, but it’s more noticeable.

Printing fresh signs keeps the paper from yellowing or tearing, too. Signs need to stay in good condition so they’re always readable.

Use a Warehouse Safety Checklist

No one is perfect, and forgetfulness happens even to managers. This is why writing down reminders to yourself can help keep everyone safe. Use a checklist to keep yourself on track as you look for safety hazards.

Remember that a checklist can be added to and updated as procedures change or you remember other important considerations. Don’t be afraid to add or modify the list as needs arise because safety is the biggest concern.

Check for Hazards

Make it a part of your regular routine to reduce clutter and get rid of potential hazards. Everyone who uses the warehouse needs to be able to get around without risk of falling, tripping, or running over something.

Check for wet spots and spills along with cords or debris that might hurt someone who didn’t see it.

Educating your employees about potential hazards means you won’t shoulder this burden alone. They can help look for problems and eliminate them if you show them what is problematic.

Get Warehouse Safety Help

Like with sign blindness, managers can also be blind to things they see every day. Getting a second set of eyes to look at your everyday environment can help you gain a new perspective and make sure you’re on track.

Konstant’s rack inspection services can help with keeping your racks efficient and safe for your product and your people. You can also ask for help from your boss or another manager to take a look and double check your work from time to time.

Install Barriers or Guardrails

Sometimes it’s necessary to have a spot open or empty, but those large places can create fall risks or dangers to employees. These can be especially dangerous if they aren’t always there because people aren’t used to avoiding them. Put up a bright barricade to prevent anyone from accidentally tripping or falling over an edge or into a hole.

Staying on Top of Things

Focus on warehouse safety in the workplace when you follow these tips to maintaining a safe environment. Your employees are counting on you to help them understand hazards and avoid them.

Updating signs, using a checklist, inspecting for hazards, asking for a second set of eyes, and installing railings can help you keep everyone from having accidents.

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