5 most effective ways to use promo codes in e-commerce

The best way to attract customers and boost your sales is to offer promo codes. But, not every promo code hold the same value as a prime slot, so it is necessary to at your business, your target market, as well as your business plan and then observe how the coupons boost your business. Here are the five most effective ways to use promo codes for your E-Commerce store:

New Visitor Codes

It is crucial to offer sign-up coupons to new customers as they do not start shopping as soon as they join your sites/app. This can be done by providing a partial discount on their first purchases when they sign up. This motivates them to buy products and increase your sales.

Also, a customer needs to provide his/her e-mail address to get the benefit of the coupon. Thus, you will acquire a customer who is most likely to make a purchase in the future.

This includes them in your database, and you can send them your e-mail regarding any sale in the future. The promo code information should be notified within 15 seconds of arriving on your site. This is because 55% of visitors leave a site within 15 seconds and sending the mail before that can prevent that.

Free Shipping Coupons

Most buyers are hesitant to purchase things online because of the high shipping charges, and theyexpect free shipping on large orders. Stores must try to offer free or reduced shipping to the customers who buy products over a certain price.

One of the biggest determiningaspects in trying to choose a provider or company is free shipping. Once again, just as a sale is processed, you will get the e-mail details for marketing purposes. It serves as a source to offer good client support and request feedback.

Free Gifts With Purchase

Another great way to attract customers is by adding a free gift to your coupon. If you have items in your stockthat are unused and extra, this is a very good approach to do that. This can be done by publicizing the gift with your definite items purchase or purchase amount. Then the code can be included at the end of the checkout course. While giving away, the free objects, make sure that the item matches the buyer’s persona based on their previous purchases.

Abandoned Cart e-mail coupons

To retrieve the lost potential buyers, you should send them an e-mail regarding the shopping cart. You can offer them a coupon code giving a discount on their purchase only if they close the sale within a stipulated time period.

Check out Discounts

You can prevent buyers from abandoning their shopping carts at the checkout by offering an unexpected discount coupon as they watch their complete cart for the first time.

You can also make the offer time-sensitive. If they complete the order within the timeframe of your choice, they get the discount voucher code offering them a portion of their purchase.

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