5 luxury hotel success stories to inspire you

Starting a business might be the scariest decision of your life. It involves so many risks that you might be tempted to back down. There’s no doubt that becoming an entrepreneur is difficult, but there are so many success stories out there that it is impossible not to feel inspired when stumbling upon them. Yes – you will face some internal questioning every now and then, but once you’ve figured out how to overcome it, everything should run smoothly.

One of the safest, most profitable business ideas approached by new entrepreneurs is launching a new hotel. The travel sector will never die, that’s for sure. You only have to decipher the secret behind defeating your competition. For that, you must pay attention to their mistakes and triumphs. The history that’s already written will serve as a guide on building the future. Keep yourself so documented about what you’re interested in that nothing scares you any longer. Talking about valuable information, here are five of the most fruitful stories in the hotel industry to diminish your entrepreneurial fear:

The Peninsula Hotels

The Peninsula Hotels group started its journey in 1928, opening properties in major cities in the world. What makes The Peninsula worthy of being in this rank is the traditional Asian service that they provide in all of its locations. Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, and Chicago are just a part of the cities that can offer tourists the true Asian experience. The Peninsula Hotels group operates under the HSH Limited which reached no less than US$6 billion in the past years. HSH was incorporated as far back as 1866, proving the amounts of effort that was required for making their hotels and travelling services stand out from the crowd.

HSH only launched one hotel, the Hong Kong Hotel, two years after the company was put together. In time, the activity of HSH developed tremendously and they are now possessing valuable properties in different parts of the world, in the most important cities. The last hotel they launched was The Peninsula Paris, and they are currently investing in three other properties, in London, Istanbul, and Yangon, which are all under construction.

The Waldorf Astoria

success storiesThe Waldorf Astoria is one of the few hotels in the United States of America that has an intricate history. The hotel is currently composed of two of the most precious landmarks of New York – the Waldorf and the Astoria Hotel. The name of this hotel is self-explanatory – the story started with the Astor family’s properties, which were demolished in 1929 to make room for the Empire State Building. The building you see today was finished in 1931 when it broke a record. The hotel became the tallest one in the world and maintained its position until 1963 when it was dethroned by the Hotel Ukraina in Moscow. The Astor family had German origins, thus the name Waldorf.

The hotel’s Octagon Room held great importance during political and social events of the 1900s, as the biggest personalities in the world chose Waldorf Astoria as their main destination for dinners, balls, and other events. Until 1939, the hotel barely managed to make any profit, showing true perseverance. Today, Waldorf Astoria remains a symbol of the 1930s, when everything was glamorous. It was and still is an epicentre of leading society personalities. The hotel has no peer in terms of prestige. A few of the personalities who stepped into the Waldorf Astoria include Charlie Chaplin, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra or even Nikola Tesla.

Shaza Hotels

success storiesShaza Hotels is a five-star group known for its impeccable services and unique experience it provides clients with. The owners gathered inspiration from the Silk Route, which hides a rich history and exotic cultures. Shaza Hotels can be found all around Saudi Arabia and they are the most appreciated choice of tourists. Both pilgrims and simple travellers can take advantage of the discreet, intimate and luxurious experience.

People who visit different parts of Saudi Arabia for spirituality purposes should take a look at Shaza Madina, a place of peace and happiness. Shaza focuses on providing people the expected Eastern hospitality, as well as making them feel at home through the exclusive dining concepts which combine both international and traditional recipes. Shaza opened hotels in other key cities of Saudi Arabia as well, including Makkah or Riyadh. The group plans to launch more establishments in the future

The Manta Resort

success stories

The Manta Resort is Africa’s first underwater hotel located in Zanzibar. This is a floating establishment that was carefully designed by Swedish architects and engineers to have both above and underwater levels. The idea is not new, but it is the first time when it was approached in Africa, which is a popular travelling location because of the marine life and beautiful beaches. The Manta Resort opened its doors in 2008 and it has no less than 17 rooms.

The characteristics of the Manta Resort are not similar to what people may expect from a luxury hotel, but it surely meets the expectations of people who want to experience a one-of-a-kind trip. Sometimes, successful businesses are not all about how much you invest in them, but how good and innovative your ideas are. The Manta Resort is appreciated particularly for its distinctiveness from the rest of the luxurious hotels in the world.

Atlantis Paradise Island

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The Atlantis Paradise Island is located near Nassau, which is by itself a wonderful destination. This is an entire resort that includes other tourist attractions besides the variety of accommodation types. Paradise Island is built around an aquatic adventure park. Its history dates back to 1968 when it was still owned by Resorts International. Later, Paradise Island was bought by a South African hotel manager who built two magnificent towers known as the Coral Towers.

The hotel changed its name in Atlantis Paradise Island in 1998. The hotel still manages to attract investments. Today, it is managed by the Brookfield Hospitality company and it recently obtained a partnership with Marriot International. Atlantis Paradise Island developed at a fast pace and continued to expand. It is also the host of a marina village where yachts of all sizes can be docked.

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