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4 Ways to Stop Your Business Being Click Fraud victim

On average $20 billion is lost to click fraud every single year, so can your business afford to be a victim of this?

The changes in the digital world will impact any business, as smartphones, and new platforms are consistently being introduced. Many businesses do not realise how new developments can impact their campaigns.

Click fraud usually involves malicious and constant clicking of your PPC ads on search engines by a competitor hoping to reach your daily budget limit and your ad disappears for the day. If you’ve been working hard to make sure that your ads are reaching your audience only to find out your budget has been a victim invalid clicks. The likely story is that it is click fraud, driving up advertising costs and making your ads disappear, leaving you with a big bill!

This article is able to explain to you how you can eliminate the chances of click fraud affecting your PPC ads. Being able to make sure that your campaign is growing and reaching your potential customers rather than going to your competitors.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors and Minimise Click Fraud

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Online advertising is key to make sure you are one up on your competitors. And paid search is able to help in this. By monitoring who is competing with your keywords in Google or other search engines could be a potential way to make sure your competitors aren’t causing click fraud.

Many companies will offer free clicking tracking reports in order to help fight click fraud that comes with detailed reports about your advertisements as well as added extras, in helping to make sure your advertisements are being accessible to only your potential customers. Many of these companies offer more than just PPC fraud detection.

Only Advertise In the Countries You Operate in

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The increase in bots that have been able to produce fraudulent clicks and is on the rise especially in the past few years. Over 2017, it was estimated that 20% of clicks came from fraudulent accounts, in which it was becoming increasingly difficult to figure out where exactly these bots have come from.

Make sure to only run PPC ads where you actually operate. Some low labour rate countries will employ people to work at manually clicking and repeatedly clicking on your ads. Only advertising where you operate will also mean that you can focus on the potential customers you can actually reach. Therefore, not having any of your time wasted by customers nowhere near you contacting you.

Tracking of Advertising Campaigns

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Tracking gives you the ability to monitor your PPC ads. Google give access to advertisers with Google Ads information about what they detect as invalid clicks, it’s as simple as switching on the invalid clicks columns.  Google Analytics can be used to determine session length and bounce rate which can also indicate a click fraud problem, especially if session lengths are especially low combined with high bounce rate.

The Display Network

The display network is a can be a catalyst to click fraud due to the nature of the way the display banners ads are delivered.  AdSense click fraud has been an ongoing issue for many years, there have been multiple court cases where Google have been fined and advertisers banned for abusing the system.  Fundamentally, the host web site of the display ad is incentivised to obtain a click on the advertisers’ banner ad.  Therefore, placing the ads in easy-to-click positions has been a tactic for many years.

From a more sinister point of view, advanced click fraudsters trying to make revenue from click fraud schemes figure out ways of employing click farms and bots to click on said ads and as a result are rewarded a small percentage of the cost per click by Google.  This system is open to abuse and in more recent times; ads within Mobile Apps has been even more prominent.  It’s essential for advertisers to look at their placement reports and exclude any poor performing placements to limit the possibility of display click fraud.

Some PPC advertisers are of the opinion that display is a minefield for click fraud and low quality traffic, therefore many advertisers steer clear.

If an IP addresses is constantly clicking on an ad and is committing click fraud, having systems in place that can make sure that these suspicious clicks are being blocked. Pay per click advertising can be expensive, therefore every campaign needs to make sure that every click possible is genuine.

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