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2 Ways to Boost Your Business Skills Away from the Boardroom

Running a business has been described as many things: as being like corralling cats, as being like plugging in holes on a sinking ship, as being like spinning several plates in the air at the same time. All of these similes allude to the fact that running a business is hard. But, luckily, the age of technology has given us several shortcuts that ensure we will have an easier time of maintaining and growing a business than the business giants of five decades ago. So just how could technology help us be better at running our businesses?

Gaming is Good

Despite what hearsay may have you believe; gaming can actually be really beneficial for you in many ways – especially when it comes to running a business. Stress relief and relaxation aside, gaming enables you to practice different styles of leadership when you play long campaign games such as League of Legends, eSports like Dota 2, or shorter campaigns with many players like Fortnite. You gain valuable transferable skills in managing teams and coming up with strategies for success with some ‘real life’ consequences for failure. Online casino games can also help you run a business better, especially when playing games such as Blackjack Perfect Pairs, which involves attempting to make a perfect pair with your first two cards, and involves an element of quick thinking. Success comes from being able to think on your feet to analyse the best result when deciding to settle on a hand or not. You’ll be able to get used to dealing with these pressurised situations which will definitely arise in the boardroom, allowing you to exhibit how you keep your cool through them.

Get Buff for Business

A lot of successful businesspeople cite exercise as something they do frequently– and some even swear by it as a way to decompress after a hectic day or to help ensure they exercise their bodies as they do their minds. Indeed, regularly keeping up with an exercise programme, especially when training towards something such as a half-marathon, the full 26 miles, or even just setting personal goals to achieve through weightlifting, yoga, or cardio can boost your skills when it comes to discipline, motivation, and organisation. Fitting fitness in requires organisation of a timetable, and motivation and discipline to stick at it. These can be then transferred to the world of business so that you begin to look at issues in your business life in a similar way. Physical fitness is gained gradually and from determined efforts, which is often what it takes to make a business succeed. The discipline from one area can rub off on the other and can make you a better business leader.

When you run a business it can often feel like all work and no play, but its important to factor in time off– even if you use it to help cultivate yourself as a businessperson. Both gaming and exercise can work together to help you succeed in business and give you skills you’d never expect to be able to transfer to the boardroom.