Сomplete video surveillance solution for business

Video surveillance is one of the most basic and most effective means of providing security.

Modern monitoring systems consist of a set of cameras (the amount depends on the specific model), power adapter and installation parts.

When it comes to the organization of a video surveillance system for business, the answer is clear: ready-made solutions would be the best option.

The benefits of Unifi video systems:

1) Easy installation. With the use of the installation instructions that come with the product, it’s easy to install the productive video surveillance system;

2) Full compliance with the elements of the system, because there are all the necessary equipment and installation parts;

3) The best combination of price and quality of the product.

Unifi video option selection

Video surveillanceThe optimal solution Unifi video can be selected here, depending on the request and the specifics of the object. But among the offers there are universal solutions. Here are four ready-made options, which are perfect for business:

1) Ubiquiti UVC Dome is a set of three domed IP cameras of internal installation capable of providing 720p video resolution. Network cameras are equipped with motion detection, infrared LEDs and an IR filter. The UVC Dome model of the Ubiquiti brand is notable for its intuitive interface and advanced functionality;

2) The Unifi Video Camera Kit from Ubiquiti, which consists of three outdoor cameras. This ready-made solution is perfect for organizing a reliable video surveillance system not only indoors, but also outside. The cameras are enclosed in a waterproof case, ensuring the safety of using the devices. The devices are equipped with an infrared LED and a highly sensitive matrix, thanks to which the device adapts to the light conditions;

3) Ubiquiti UVC G3 is a set, which consists of five universal type cameras. The capacity of the matrix device is 4 MP, ensuring high quality video. Thanks to the powerful lens, the user gets detailed video under any lighting conditions day and night. Cameras are installed in horizontal and vertical positions. This extended set is equipped with a power adapter and a full set of fasteners. The system is completely ready for installation, and allows to organize effective monitoring of offices;

4) UniFi G3 Dome is another universal kit from Ubiquiti manufacturer, which consists of five powerful IP cameras. The devices are made in a stylish design and equipped with a wide-angle EFL lenses and 4 MP sensor. Cameras allow you to shoot the most detailed material with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and to conduct remote monitoring with the use of an intuitively accessible software application on your smartphone. A set of five IP cameras is designed for use in the residential and manufacturing sectors.

It’s proved by practice and by the user’s reviews, that Ubiquiti network cameras are able to provide enhanced security for any object.

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